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General Policies


Premier Wellness will commonly use fax and email to send and receive patient information between medical professionals and patients.

Understand that electronic communication (email/fax) does not have any guarantee of privacy, and that a third party may be able to access protected health information (PHI).

Please understand that Premier Wellness utilizes electronic methods of communication due to the global use and convenience offered with these methods.


Premier Wellness utilizes an automated program for appointment reminders and confirmations. We can send a text message, an email, or both, whichever you prefer.

Premier Wellness will no longer be making reminder or confirmation phone calls. Patients will receive text and/or email reminders prior to all scheduled appointments.

We ask for prompt and accurate responses to all messages to ensure appointment slots are secured.

*If we are unable to confirm the appointment through text / email it may result in the cancellation of the appointment.


Premier Wellness collects payment at the time of the service. Premier Wellness is a non par Medicare provider, we are not involved with any insurance companies and we do not bill insurance on behalf of patients. We will provide patients with a receipt containing all of the information necessary to self-file for insurance reimbursement as an out of network provider.


Premier Wellness requires all patients to keep a credit card securely on file for scheduling and billing purposes. Appointments are billed automatically to the card on file.


Dr. Branham has created an “Annual Evaluation”. This evaluation allows him the time to go through more of his test kits and complete a more in depth assessment to identify your key nutritional deficiencies and gene mutations. He can uncover hidden infections, identify more food and environmental sensitivities, and trauma.

He uses the results from your Annual Evaluation to reset and establish your highest priorities to ensure your follow up visits are on the right track.

Based on our experience, we see that we get the best and quickest healing response with patients when we initiate patient care with an Annual Evaluation. Dr. Branham asks that all of his patients complete an Annual Evaluation once per year.


Premier Wellness requires 48 BUSINESS HOURS notice for all cancellations and changes made to scheduled appointments. For Full Evaluations and Annual Evaluations we require 72 business hour notice.

Any missed or canceled appointments will be automatically billed to the card on file for the full price of the appointment on the day of the appointment if required notice is not provided.

Patients are asked to be in the lobby no later than the start time of their scheduled appointment. If a patient arrives more than 5 minutes past their scheduled start time the appointment may be canceled and the patient will be billed for the full price of the appointment.

*It is ultimately the patient's responsibility to be on time and / or to make changes to the scheduled appointment in the appropriate time frame to avoid cancellation fees. Do not rely on text and email reminders, please save your appointments on your calendar.


Premier Wellness Practitioners will review your labs, image's, and documentation for upcoming appointments. Make sure you send them to us 48 hours prior to your appointment to ensure they are uploaded to your patient file and the Practitioner has time to review them.

You can email them to:
*If they are not received 48 hours prior they may not be reviewed in time for your appointment.


Premier Wellness will provide receipts for services and supplements purchased at the time of checkout. Beginning in 2024 we will no longer be fulfilling year-end requests for historical receipts. Patients are responsible for retaining their own receipts for year-end purposes.



What stays the same:

Supplements recommended to you during a scheduled appointment will be fulfilled at the time of the appointment as they always have been.

What is new:

If you know you will be requesting refills for previous supplements we ask that you submit the request prior to your appointment so we can get them ready for you ahead of time. If you are in need of a supplement but not coming in for an appointment, submit the order through the link and we will alert you when it is ready for pick up.

Please submit your refill requests through our "Order Supplements" link that can be found on our website.

The "Order Supplements" link allows you to list the supplements you need OR simply take a picture of the ones you have and need refilled, upload it, and we will get the order ready within 24 business hours.

*Shipping available


Dr. Branham is incorporating a charge for "Extra Time" spent during appointments. Each appointment type enables Dr. Branham to do different things. It is important to schedule correctly and prepare for appointments appropriately. Extra Time is billed at $30 / 5 minute increment.


The patient listed on the schedule is the patient that we have prepared for and the patient that will get treatment during that appointment. If you can not make it to your appointment and want to give your time to someone else, please notify the front desk 48 hours in advance. This allows your practitioner to prepare for the appointment appropriately, keep our internal records accurate, and confirm the person is eligible to be seen. Sending a friend or family member to attend your appointment with little or no notice is not allowed. We appreciate your understanding.


All treatment questions, schedule changes, and Practitioner availability is to be discussed with the front desk. Please do not reach out to Dr. Branham directly. He asks you to always contact the front desk for questions regarding his availability and your treatment. If you have multiple treatment questions you may be asked to schedule an appointment. Furthermore, questions may take 24 to 48 hours to be responded to.

It is our goal to provide:

●  Efficient and effective care

●  Accurate and punctual fulfillment

●  Targeted follow through


Our policies and your support of the policies will ensure we are consistently meeting our goal.


Thank you for taking the time to read and participate in our update.

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